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Hotan: _UltRaS_
Jangan: dummy
Bandit: Republicans


21.10.2013 Hello. This is Honor-Sro. by Honor-Sro Team
Fw time has been changed
Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 GMT
Egyptian and Turkish time 8:30 (+2 GMT) Cairo
Get ready for the next fight !!.

Sometimes a spruce, a fir or even a pine,
Whichever one you choose as long as it looks fine.
Decorate it in the Honor-Sro way, admission is free,
Have fun and join the facebook event "My Silkroad Christmas Tree".
[Event Period]
December 12 –30, 2014 (2 weeks)
My Christmas Tree Event.
Till 26-30, 2014
[Event Mechanics]
1. Player should design their own Silkroad inspired Christmas tree. Player may include in game screenshots or draw a Christmas tree, and decorate it with Silkroad related scenery or items.
2. Player may also add his/her Christmas Message on his/her design.
3. Player should submit their entry below with their character name.
4. Best entries will be selected and will win cool prizes.
1st Place (1 winner)- 5,000 Arena coin
2nd Place (3 winners)- 2,500 Arena coin
3rd Place (5 winners)- 1,000 Arena coin
- Players can submit multiple entries but can only win once.
- Community Manager’s decision is final.

Hello. This is Honor-Sro.
Welcome In Our Game Honor-Sro Online
We hope To Get Some Fun
Insult Stuff Team = Banned Login 3 Days
Then 7 days
Then 4 Ever
Thanks For Join Our Team Honor-Sro Online
Our Group --> Honor-Sro
Thanks --> Honor-Sro Team
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